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Why the exlosion proof tool is copper alloy?


The material is copper alloy,beryllium copper or aluminum bronze.Due to the good thermal conductivity of copper and high-quality stainless steel and the characteristics of almost no carbon, the heat generated in a short time is absorbed and conducted when the product is rubbed or impacted by an object.Another reason is that because copper and stainless steel are relatively soft, they have good concessions during friction and impact, and it is not easy to produce tiny metal particles.So we can hardly see the spark, the products achieve the explosion-proof effect.

The tools and equipment such as drills, picks, hammers, pliers, wrenches, and spreaders usually made of iron and steel materials during their fierce action or fall due to misses,will generate sparks which are hidden sources of ignition, so these tools cannot be used in explosion hazardous areas.

Iron and steel materials have high strength and hardness and are suitable for manufacturing tools, but the strength and hardness of steel materials increase with the increase of carbon content.However, research on the mechanism of friction spark generation in steel materials shows that it is precisely the carbon contained in steel is the source of friction sparks.In order to eliminate friction and impact sparks of tools, people turned the direction of material to copper.

Copper is used as an explosion-proof tool material. Compared with steel, there are two significant differences:

1.Does not contain carbon. No oxygen-iron-carbon reaction chain, so no spark

2.The strength and hardness of copper are relatively low, and the thermal conductivity is higher than that of steel. When friction or impact occurs, local friction points will be plastically deformed to avoid friction energy concentrated on individual points. In addition, the material's high thermal conductivity,the heat generated by friction is quickly dissipated to the substrate to reduce the risk of hot and high temperatures at the point of frictional impact.





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