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Manufacturer of explosion proof adjustable spanner



Because explosion-proof adjustable wrenches are made of copper alloy, the overall tensile strength of products cannot meet the maintenance of some special parts by our customers. It is not used excessive force during operation, so as to prevent the product from breaking.And for the striking products, it is better to take a break after using it for more than ten times. The surface of the product must be coated with oil, so that the explosion-proof wrench can work better for us.


For flammable and explosive places, the width of the opening can be adjusted, and it can be used for assembling and disassembling hexagon head or square head bolts and nuts

Manufacturing technique: die forging



Suitable for hydrogen with concentration below 21%,standard code GBEX ⅡC

Hardness is not less than HRC35,Tensile strength δ b 105-120kgf/mm2

Beryllium copper alloy with anti-magnetic performance.


Suitable for ethylene with concentration below 7.8%,standard code GBEX ⅡB

Hardness is not less than HRC25,Tensile strength δ b 75-85kgf/mm2

The aluminum bronze alloy has a tensile strength of more than 25 degrees, and the beryllium bronze alloy has a tensile strength of more than 35 degrees. 

Different materials are selected according to the requirements of different working environments.

Specifications: 150mm/6"   200mm/8"   250mm/10"   300mm/12"   375mm/15"   450mm/18"   600mm/24"


1.Remove oil on the surface of various products before use.

2.Remove dirt and deposits on the surface after use and store in a dry and safe place.

3.Striking tools should not be used continuously. There should be an appropriate interval more than ten times and the detritus on the product should be removed in time before continuing to use.

4.Wrenches are not allowed to be used with excessive force, nor can they be extended by using sleeves or other metal rods to extend the arm, or by hammering (except for striking wrenches) to turn fasteners.

5.Cutting edge tools should be placed in the water tank to lightly touch the grinding wheel for sharpening. Do not use excessive force and contact the grinding wheel for a long time.

6.In the actual operation of the striking tools, it is necessary to remove the debris on the site and the corroded oxide on the working surface in case of third party striking.





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