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Why non-sparking tools are called safety tools



Non sparking tools are made of beryllium bronze and aluminum bronze. The beryllium bronze alloy and aluminum bronze alloy do not spark when they are impacted or rubbed.This material is very suitable for explosive, flammable, strong magnetic and corrosive environments.BeA-20C alloy withstands 561IJ impact energy in 30% oxygen or 6.5-10% methane air oxygen. After 20 impacts, no sparks or combustion occurred.

Application of explosion-proof tools

Petroleum refining and petrochemical industry, coal mine, oil field, natural gas chemical industry, gunpowder industry, chemical fiber industry, paint industry, fertilizer industry, various pharmaceutical industries. Oil tankers and LPG vehicles, airplanes, warehouses operating flammable and explosive products, electrolytic workshops, telecommunication machine assembly workshops, places that require tools not rusty, wear-resistant and anti-magnetic.

Aluminum-copper alloy is made of precious and rare metals after being synthesized, smelted, and forged. The surface is bluish yellow. The working surface hardness is HRC above 25 °, the tensile strength is δ b 75-85kgf / mm, and other technical indicators have reached the advanced level of similar foreign products. Continuous use in the flammable gas ethylene (concentration 7.8%) space safely, and no sparks and explosions are produced by impact (collision), friction, and drop weight.

Non sparking hand tools

Striking wrench,open end wrench,box end wrench,combination wrench,hook wrench,adjustable wrench,pipe wrench,chain pipe wrench,cutting pliers,combination pliers,water pump pliers,long nose pliers,diagnoals pliers,flat nose pliers,snap ring pliers,sledge hammers,ball pein hammers,scaling hammers,claw hammers,testing hammers,axe,pick,shovel,scrapers,bung wrench,screwdrivers and bits,socket and accessories,chisels and bar,files,hacksaw etc..

Non sparking tools is also called safety tools or explosion proof tools.There are two types of materials.

1,Aluminum bronze,Al-Cu,aluminum,nickel,manganese,iron and other metals were added to the high purity electrolytic copper as matrix to form copper-based alloy.

2,Beryllium copper,Be-Cu,the copper base alloy was forming by adding some metals such as beryllium,nickel.

The thermal and electrical conductivity of these two materials are very good,beryllium bronze is non-magnetic and can be used in strong magnetic fields.

Explosion proof tools can be divided in two catagories by manufacturing process.

1.Cast,is a kind of traditional technique,it is an international technology for manufacturing explosion proof tools in 1980s.

   Advantages of casting process: simple process,lower manufacturing cost.

   Disadvantages: product density,hardness,tensile strength,low torque,more pores and trachoma lead to shorter service life.

2.Forging,is a kind of international manufacturing technology.Products can be made one-time forging by large press or punch press with heat-resistant forming die.

   Advantages:greatly improved the performance in product density,hardness,tensile strenth,torque,basically eliminate porosity,trachoma.The machanical properties    of products service life than traditional casting process 1 times.

  Disavantages: product equipments,mold development,resulting higher cost.





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