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Classification and management of explosion-proof tools


1.Classification of explosion-proof tools

The explosion-proof tools produced in China have developed from two varieties in the early 1980s to nearly 40 varieties and more than 300 specifications including hand tools, pyrotechnic tools, lifting clamps, pads and transmission parts.

2. Management of explosion-proof tools

2.1Quality Management

(1) According to the national standard "Explosion-proof tools" GBl0686-10693- 89 copper alloy tool explosion-proof performance test method, the manufacturer should send samples of the product materials to the national designation unit every 2 to 3 years for periodic explosion-proof performance test.To make the user understand, after passing the test, it is clearly indicated in the test report and the product instruction manual which type of gas was tested.

(2) For the materials used in explosion-proof tools, when the ingredients are melt-casted, when the element materials (such as electrolytic copper plates) enter the factory, the supply department holds the manufacturer's material list, and the factory must have a test list before entering the warehouse.The materials will be sent out to the melting and casting workshop for batching. If there is no qualified bill of materials, the workshop has the right to refuse to pick.

(3) The measurement of ingredients should first set up a measurement point in the raw material warehouse to ensure the accuracy of entering and leaving the warehouse.The metering point furnace in the workshop (melting and casting) should be specially set up as a meterer, and it can be smelted only after it is approved and signed.

(4) Explosion-proof tool materials are strictly controlled for harmful elements and smelted. Each batch or furnace (regardless of weight or volume) must be tested.However, the test cannot be performed before melting,only be tested during casting.When the temperature of the charge reaches the process requirements, the temperature of the charge is measured, and the worker visually (experience) notifies the inspection technician to use a thermometer to re-test and approve,and use a spoon to add 1 spoon (a total of 3 spoons) of the uniformly mixed metal as the material sample. The worker manager immediately hit the sample with a hammer to bend it to a specified angle. The inspector knocked the specimen again to break and visually inspect the section metal. Castings can only be cast after approval based on experience, and the samples should be submitted to the laboratory for testing. When the test results are qualified, the qualified castings can go to the next process.

(5) For the material samples, 6 standard as-cast test blocks are taken every month, and no more than one test block is taken per day per melting.  Mark the mark after passing the inspection and submit it to the physical property laboratory.The above test strips and test blocks shall be kept by the physical and chemical department.

(6) The inspection of other processes, such as forging heat treatment, metal cutting and other processes, should also be clear about its key points.If it is processed in the forging workshop, it is necessary to heat the workpiece to the isothermal combustion and fuel heating conditions. If there are changes and effects, samples should be taken to the lab to test repeated.The same for the heat treatment process, but there are various methods of heat treatment; mainly caused by heating and cooling.

It is very important for the workpiece made of explosion-proof material to penetrate different elements, and the specimen must be made.In addition to anti-rust oil for surface treatment, no other coatings can be applied at will.The key point of cold working is to ensure the products geometric shape, ensure the worker' use, and manufacture according to design.

2, 2 usage management

Explosion-proof tool is a special safety tool, which has the characteristics of not generating sparks when the tool collides with the workpiece and friction.Most of the varieties and specifications are evolved according to steel tools, but the materials are made of multi-element non-ferrous metals with copper as the base. Some products are specially designed.Therefore, there are certain requirements for the useage, maintenance, storage and transportation.

(1) Explosion-proof tools are a kind of safety protection products, so users must purchase products qualified by the nationally recognized performance testing units.When buying, you must carefully understand the scope, performance, characteristics, use methods and precautions specified in its manual.In addition, the tool body is usually marked with an "Ex" mark and has a certificate of conformity.

(2) Before using explosion-proof tools, the flammable gas in the workplace should be compared with performance of products; products that pass the test with higher-level media can be used in lower-level media locations.Conversely, products that pass the test on lower-level media cannot be used in higher-risk locations.It should also be pointed out that it should not be used arbitrarily. If the specifications of the current production varieties can not meet the requirements of the user, special design and manufacturing must be applied for.

(3) Explosion-proof medium is high-strength and corrosion-resistant in most medium gases.But it is not resistant to corrosion in all cases, such as in humid ammonia, certain ammonium salts, acetylene, wet fluorine, chlorine, chromic ammonium, some dichromates, potassium hydride and other media, The degree corrosion is considerable.In addition, some media will chemically react with copper alloys to generate explosive substances with high danger, such as acetylene and acetylene steel.

For this reason, when using explosion-proof tools, in a dry environment as much as possible, if it is impossible to avoid using in a humid environment, try to speed up the operation speed and reduce the working time to avoid causing major corrosion and danger.Wipe clean at any time after use, and do not store with corrosive media

(4) All types of wrenches of explosion-proof hand tools have different rated strengths. It is strictly forbidden to use bushings for overload. Do not strike except forstriking wrenches, so as not to cause fracture and deformation due to overload, which affects normal use.In the process of using the tool, its variety and specifications should be reasonably selected according to needs, and it should not be treated as a small one, nor should it be treated as a steel tool.It should also be noted that when using adjustable wrenches, pipe wrenches, and dead wrenches, pay attention to the requirements of the direction of the force, and do not apply force in the opposite direction.When using a tool with a blade, the hardness of the workpiece itself should be measured first. If its hardness is close to the hardness of the tool, it should be carefully handled, and it is prohibited to use it when it is higher than the hardness of the tool.When the workpiece is screw-tightened, semi-fixed or long-term rusted, and no other measures are taken before using the manual tool, it should be prohibited to avoid damage to the tool.

(5) After the explosion-proof tools are not in use, they should be wiped clean at any time. Those who are not used within six months should be oiled or preserved with antiseptic method, and if more than one year not used, should be oiled and put into bags or boxes for storage.

There is abrasion or damage to the natural parts of the used tools, especially tools with blades. Trimming in non-hazardous areas.If the damage is severe and it is not suitable to repair it by yourself, it should be scrapped and cannot be operated.






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