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Introduction of explosion-proof tool materials


Explosion proof tools is also called non sparking tools.The material is beryllium copper or aluminum bronze.Beryllium bronze is based on high-purity electrolytic copper and is added with a suitable amount of precious metals such as beryllium and nickel to form a copper-based alloy. Beryllium bronze is a rare metal,Aluminum bronze alloy is based on high-purity electrolytic copper with a suitable amount of aluminum, nickel, manganese, iron and other metals to form a copper-based alloy.The aluminum bronze and beryllium bronze are qualified by the National Explosion-proof Product Testing Center and sell well at home and abroad.

When these two copper alloys are subjected to high-speed impact or friction, their mechanical energy is converted into thermal energy when they are applied to the surface of the object, and the surface temperature suddenly rises. However, due to the high electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity of the material, the heat on the work surface is quickly transferred to other parts of the workpiece, and the heat on the work surface is drastically reduced. Some particles detached from the workpiece under impact or friction do not reach the temperature of the ignition source.Copper alloy intermetallic compounds are relatively stable, have high melting points, and are not easy to violently oxidize.During high-speed impact or friction, although the temperature of the applied surface or some of the detached particles has risen, none of them can react violently with oxygen and other flammable gases, it can not form an ignition source.

Beryllium bronze material is antimagnetic.

Both of them are high-quality materials for making explosion-proof tools.

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