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Explosion-proof tools should be stored separately from corrosive materials


stored separately from corrosive materials

1.Percussion tools should not be struck continuously, and there should be appropriate intervals more than ten times,and the struck parts of the tool must be cleaned in time before next used.In the actual operation of the striking and smashing tools, the debris on site and the corroded oxides on the working surface should be removed in time to prevent a third party from colliding and causing an explosion.

2.Various explosion-proof tools must be cleaned oil on the surface before use. After use, clean the surface of oil and deposits, store them in a dry place, and store them away from corrosive materials. If they are not used for a long time, they should be coated with an appropriate amount of lubricant.

3.Wrench tools are not allowed to be used with excessive force, nor can they be extended by using sleeves or other metal rods, or hammering (except for striking wrench), so as not to cause breakage and deformation due to overload and affect normal use.When using a tool, its variety and specifications should be reasonably selected according to needs. It should not be replaced by a small one, let alone use it as a steel tool.It should be noted that when using adjustable wrenches, pipe wrenches, and dead wrenches, we must pay attention to the direction of the force and do not twist it arbitrarily.When using a tool with a blade, first determine the hardness of the workpiece. When the hardness is lower than that of the tool, it can be operated. When the hardness is higher than that of the tool, it is prohibited to use it.When the workpiece is tightened by motor, semi-fixed or corroded, and no other measures are taken before using the manual tool, it should be prohibited to avoid damage to the tool.

4.Copper alloy explosion-proof tools are made of high-purity electrolytic copper and precious rare metals.The aluminum bronze explosion-proof tool has a bluish-yellow surface after being made.Working surface hardness above HRC25, tensile strength δb75-85kgf / mm2,Operate in flammable gas ethylene (concentration 7.8%) environment, no spark explosion caused by impact (collision), friction, drop weight, explosion-proof grade GBExⅡB standard.Beryllium bronze tools surface is green lake.The working surface hardness is above HRC35, and the tensile strength is δb105-120kgf / mm2. It operates in the environment of flammable gas hydrogen (concentration 21%). There will be no spark explosion due to impact (friction), friction, and drop hammer. The explosion-proof level is GBExⅡC standard.





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