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Development status of explosion-proof tools


Non-sparking Tools are special tools made from beryllium copper alloy and aluminum bronze materials.It is suitable for use in high-risk industries such as coal mines, chemicals, oil refining, mining, petroleum, natural gas, oil depots, gas depots, nuclear power plants, power plants, fireworks, firearms, tankers, tank trucks, etc.It is a special tool for preventing fire and explosion accidents in flammable and explosive working environments. 

Production of explosion-proof tools began in the 1940s.At present, in addition to our countries, Japan, the United States, Germany, Russia and other countries also have the production capacity of explosion-proof tools.In the mid-1980s, the country has developed five or six professional production units for explosion-proof tools, with dozens of varieties and specifications.And the relevant manufacturers and experts organized by the Ministry of Light Industry to formulate China's national explosion-proof tool standards (GB 10686-89), (GB 10687 ~ 10693-89).These include: explosion-proof performance test methods (the same as those in Japan), non sparking sledge hammers, explosion-proof box wrenches, open wrenches, testing hammers, bung wrenches.

The standard has undergone two revisions.The standard released in 1999 was reduced from the national standard to the industry recommended standard QB / T3872-1999.Later it was revised again in 2003 to QB / T2623.7-2003 which uses up to now.In accordance with the spirit of the 2007 Security Development Conference held by the National Development and Reform Commission and the instructions of the China Light Industry Federation (formerly the Ministry of Light Industry).It is required to strengthen the inspection and testing of the quality of explosion-proof tools and standardize the standards of explosion-proof tools, and establish a production access system.According to the instructions, the National Light Industry Explosion-proof Tool Quality Supervision and Inspection Center is responsible for organizing the formulation of national mandatory standards for explosion-proof tool products, and it was formally incorporated into the 2008 work plan and tasks.It is required to raise the standard of explosion-proof tools from the industry recommended standards to the national mandatory standards, and set a new foundation for the standardization of the explosion-proof tool industry.In 2008, the National Light Industry Explosion-proof Tool Quality Supervision and Inspection Center was fully responsible for and organized relevant production units and experts in various fields. Based on the actual situation in China, a discussion draft of a new national standard was formulated. After the discussion, the report was submitted to the China Light Industry Federation for a comprehensive rigorous argumentation review and passed smoothly. It has now been reported to the China National Standards Committee for approval.

China has gradually become a base for the production of explosion-proof tools. It is an inevitable trend for manufacturers in developed countries to come to China to find cooperative manufacturers and purchase explosion-proof tools to meet the needs of foreign related industries.

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