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Attentions for usiing exlosion proof tools


1. Explosion-proof tools bring security to our staff working in flammable, explosive and corrosive places, which makes our society more perfect and our staff more at ease.Explosion-proof tools should have a maintenance process after our daily work is completed, which is very effective for the life of the tools.If the explosion-proof tools are not maintained properly, our explosion-proof tools may not be able to work for us permanently. 

2.We should store the explosion-proof tools in a dry place. This is to prevent local parts from being damaged.

3.In our daily work, after continuous tapping 20 times, we should clean up the surface attachments of the tools and clean them before using. Do not continue to use, because it may be damaged by friction and heat for a long time.

4.Wrenches must not be used in excess, nor can they be used with sleeves or other metal rods to extend the length of the arm, or by hammering(except the striking wrench) to turn the fastener.

5.The cutting edge tools should be placed in the water tank to quietly contact the grinding wheel for sharpening, so as to avoid excessive force and too long contact with the grinding wheel.

6.In the practical operation of striking tools, it is necessary to remove debris and oxides on the surface to avoid impact.

Based on the above functions and applications, it is clarified that aluminum-copper alloys are more suitable for atmospheric equipment and less stringent requirements (such as gas stations, small oil depots, etc.) during normal operation.The usability of beryllium copper alloy  including such as oil refineries, gas stations, gas production plants, drilling teams, etc.

The friction and impact sparks generated by the steel materials, such as drills, picks, hammers, pliers, wrenches, spreaders and equipment, when they are severely operated or dropped, it is a hidden source of fire, so these tools cannot be used in explosive situations.

Explosion-risk areas require explosion-proof tools. Zone 0 is the most risky area and is prone to explosions. Zone 1 is the risk area and is more likely to explode. Zone 2 is the safe area and no explosion will occur at all.





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