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Development of explosion-proof tools and legal construction



1.Development of explosion proof tools

   Explosion-proof tools have been produced abroad since the 1940s.Nowadays, in Japan, the United States, Germany, Russia and other countries, there are more and more manufacturers to produce non sparking tools.

   Non sparking hand tools including adjustable wrench,open end wrench,bung wrench,striking wrench,air bottle wrench,socket and accessories,hex allen key,F type wrench,valve wheel wrench,pipe wrench,combination pliers,adjustable pliers,long nose pliers,diagonal pliers,ball pein hammers,sledge hammers,testing hammers,claw hammers,chisels,crowbar,shovel,axe,screwdriver,tool sets etc..

Now China has basically changed the situations that worker has to stop production to maintenance and operate venturesomely without explosion proof tools.Combining with the formulation of national standards for non sparking tools,the detection of non-denotion performance for copper alloy materials used in explosion proof tools has been  carried out.Testing centers have been finished.With the improvement of these tasks, the performance and quality of explosion-proof tool products will be further improved, and the export of explosion-proof tool products can be realized gradually.However, explosion-proof tools are still in the stage of promotion and application in China, and even explosion-proof tools have not yet be used in some flammable and explosive industries.The main reason is that some industry leaders and relevant management personnel do not pay enough attention,and in some regions and industries,the safety department inspections are not strict enough.The production units of explosion-proof tools also have problems such as how to improve product performance and quality, make sales services and strengthen publicity.

2.Legal construction of explosion proof tools

   In order to avoid explosions and fire accidents, many countries have formulated corresponding laws and regulations.For example; the Japanese Fire Law clearly states that,in places where flammable liquids, flammable dust,flammable vapors or flammable gases leak or danger places, and where has a significant risk of floating ... Do not use sparking machinery, tools, melts, etc. (Japanese "Fire Protection Law" Chapter 3, Article 24, Item 13, Article 10, Item 3).The Ministry of Labor, Japan's No. 35 labor safety and health regulations stipulate that users are not allowed to use sparks or arcs in places where flammable dust or dangerous substances are present and where explosions and fires occur, and machinery and equipment that become ignition sources, etc. Equipment or open flame (Article 140, subparagraph 2 of the Decree of the Ministry of Labor of December 28, 1966). 

Article 31 Paragraph 3 of the Japan Ship Safety Law Regulations for the Transport and Storage of Dangerous Goods. At and near the loading and unloading and storage sites such as explosives, matchsticks, exposed iron tools or other flammable items and nails Your shoes must not enter.

Article 101, item 3 stipulates that inside the oil tanker, matches, iron tools, iron-prone items or shoes with iron spikes outside the safety match must not be entered.

Some countries in the world attach great importance to the production and management of explosion-proof tools.

Japan established standards for explosion-proof beryllium-copper alloy tools in 1969, stipulating the standard for non-flammability test methods of explosion-proof beryllium-copper alloy tools (JISM7002), and also stipulated various standards Specific product standards for class tools (JISM7615-7622, JISM7628-7631).Inculding non sparking open end wrench,adjustable wrench,bung wrench,ball pein hammers,sledge hammers,chisels,combination pliers,box end wrench,pipe wrench,screwdrivers,adjustable pliers,pick etc..These standards were revised in 1977, 1984, and 1987.  In the product standard revised in 1987, each product's standard was classified as a standard of "Explosion-proof Beryllium Copper Alloy Tools", and its serial number was JISM7615-1987.

ANST American Standard specifies explosion-proof anti-magnetic adjustable wrenches and pipe wrenches, numbered MIL-W-17912C-1967.

In order to ensure the safety of national property and people ’s lives, the “Factory Safety and Sanitation Regulations” adopted and promulgated by the State Council Plenary Session, chaired by Premier Zhou Enlai personally on May 25, 1956, provided for common issues of factory safety and health.

Approved by the Fifth Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Sixth National People's Congress on May 11, 1984, and promulgated by the State Council on May 13, 1984 (People's Republic of China Fire Control Regulations 9 Chapter 2 Article 9) stipulates: "Production, application store, transport and transport flammable and explosive chemical substances must implement the relevant regulations of the State Council's competent authority.'Electrical Safety in Explosive and Hazardous Areas, jointly formulated by the former Ministry of Labor and Personnel, the Ministry of Public Security, the former National Machinery Commission, the former Ministry of Carbon, the Ministry of Chemical Industry, the former Ministry of Petroleum Industry, the Ministry of Textile Industry and the Ministry of Light Industry The “Specifications (Trial)” specifically stipulates: “During the maintenance and inspection of equipment in explosion-hazardous areas, it is strictly forbidden to use tools that can produce impact sparks” (Chapter 8 1.4).

 In addition, approved by the State Council in August 1980, Article 27 of the “Rules for the Management of Fire Safety in Warehouses” promulgated by the Ministry of Public Security also clearly stipulates: "Handling and handling of chemically flammable materials must be handled with care, no vibration, impact, heavy pressure, Friction and inversion, do not use tools that can generate sparks, do not wear shoes with iron nails, and should install reliable grounding devices on equipment that may generate static electricity.

In order to strengthen the technical management of explosion-proof tools, the product standards of China's explosion-proof tools began to be formulated in 1986, approved in 1988 and submitted for approval. The National Technical Supervision Bureau issued on March 31, 1989 and stipulated that it should begin on December 1, 1989. 

The standards formulated this time include GBl0686-89 "Test Method for Explosion-Proof Performance of Copper Alloy Tools", GBl0687-89 "Explosion-Proof open Wrench", GBl0688-89 "Explosion-Proof Chisel", GBl0689-89 "Explosion-proof Testing Hammer" GB10690-89 "Explosion-proof bung wrench", GBl0691-89 "Explosion-proof box wrench", GB10692-89 "Explosion-proof sledge hammer" GBL0693-89 "Explosion-proof ball pein hammer".

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