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Working principle of explosion-proof tools


The friction, impact, and sparks generated by tools such as drills, picks, hammers, pliers, and wrenches that are usually made of steel materials when they are severely moved or missed are the hidden sources of ignition.So these tools cannot be used in flammable and explosive places.Tools used in flammable and explosive places must be made of special materials that do not cause friction, impact sparks, or even hot, high-temperature surfaces. Such tools are called explosion-proof tools.Iron and steel materials have high strength and hardness and are suitable for manufacturing tools, and the strength and hardness of steel materials increase with the increase of carbon content. However, research on the mechanism of friction spark generation in steel materials shows that precisely the carbon contained in steel is the source of friction sparks.In order to eliminate sparks caused by friction and collision of tools,Shijiazhuang Xuda Safety Tools Company researched high hardness non sparking tools,we make the copper as the raw material,the material can be aluminum bronze or beryllium copper.There are two significant differences compared with steel:

1.Does not contain carbon. No oxygen-iron-carbon reaction chain, so no spark

2.The strength and hardness of copper are relatively low, and the thermal conductivity is higher than that of steel. When friction or impact occurs, local friction points will be plastically deformed to avoid friction energy concentrated on individual points. In addition, the material's high thermal conductivity,the heat generated by friction is quickly dissipated to the substrate to reduce the risk of hot and high temperatures at the point of frictional impact.

The above two points are the principle of explosion-proof tools.

However, the strength and hardness of pure copper is too low to be directly used as a tool, and appropriate metal elements such as beryllium, aluminum, titanium, and nickel need to be added to smelt into a copper alloy to increase its strength and hardness.Because beryllium bronze  are made too expensive made, most companies choose  aluminum bronze material in the flammable and explosive places.

The explosion-proof tools produced by our company can effectively prevent the flammable gas caused by friction and collision between tools and work objects to explode, ensuring the safety of people and national property.The main product categories of these tools are wrench an sets,socket and accessories,pliers and pipe wrench,screwdrivers,hammers and axe,shovel,scraper,chisels and bar,tool sets,etc..Non sparking tools can be widely used in petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, mining, natural gas, power generation, pharmaceutical, storage and transportation, gas production, coal mining, metallurgy, oil, shipbuilding and other industries. And we can also customize various special specifications tools according to different customers requirements.

Maintenance of explosion-proof tools

After the tool is used, clean the surface of dirt and deposits and store in a dry and safe place.Wrenches are not allowed to be used with excessive force, nor can they be extended by using sleeves or other metal rods to extend the arm, or by hammering (except for striking wrenches) to turn fasteners.Percussion tool products must not be continuously struck. There should be appropriate intervals more than ten times. in addition, the debris on the product site must be removed in time before continued use.In the actual operation of the striking tools, it is necessary to remove the debris on the site and the corroded oxide on the working surface to prevent the third party from striking.Cutting edge tools should be placed in the water tank to lightly touch the grinding wheel for sharpening. Do not use excessive force and contact the grinding wheel for a long time.

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