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1171 Valve wheel hook

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  • Release date:2020-03-04
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F wrench is named because the product is shaped like the English letter "F",also known as valve wheel hook because used to screw the valve.

Matters need attention:

1. It should be locked with the valve to prevent it from falling off.

2. Operators should keep their feet apart and stand firmly,and support them properly in case of falling.

3. The operator should hold the handle tightly and reasonably,and avoid the force or violence.

4. The handle of valve wrench should be at the same level as the valve,so that the force of valve wrench can be reasonably used in the valve,in case of excessive damage to the valve.

Non sparking spanner

Copper hand tools

Non sparking F type wrench

The material of non sparking tools: Al-Br(QAl11-4-4), Be-Cu(QBe2)

Be-Cu: the color is green lake,hardness is not less than HRC35,tensile strength δ b 105-120kgf/mm2;standard code GBEX ⅡC,suitable for hydrogen with concentration 21.0±2.0%.Beryllium copper alloy with anti-magnetic performance.

Al-Cu: the color is bluish yellow,hardness is not less than HRC25,tensile strength δ b 75-85/mm2;standard code GBEX ⅡB,suitable for ethylene with concentration 7.8±0.5%,GBEX ⅡA (propane 6.5±0.5%),Ⅰ(methane 6.5±0.5%)。

Non sparking tools of XIN DA are made of high strength copper alloy.This kind hand tools can effectively prevent burning and explosion accidents caused by friction and collision between tools and tools in the flammable and explosive workplace.The explosion-proof performance received the certificates according to the national standard GB10686-2003, with the function of high intensity and good toughness.

The products are widely used in petroleum,chemical industry,mining,gas,coal,oxygen-producing,pharmacy,smelting,powder,leather,airplane,marine engineering etc,suitable for warehouse that operate flammable and explosive products,electrolytic workshops,communication assembly workshops,and requires that the tools are not rusty,wear-resistant and anti-magnetic during the checking process.



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